OCTROI(Return on investment in shows) 
To enable students to understand the nuances of marketing, a fun-filled event is held. In this students are given a task to invest in a product and sell it to earn maximum profit within 8 hours from the beginning of the event by first hand experiencing the methods and techniques that goes into marketing a product, students learn a lot.


Learn by celebrating event
Our culture is our pride and festivals are the way we celebrate and continue our culture. To imbibe these values in young minds who are greatly influenced by the Western culture we celebrate some of them.



In here, the students are expected to make floral arrangements for the ONAM festival. ‘On, one hand they learn about culture on the other hand they become well-versed in managerial practices of choosing the right man for the right job, importance of effective communication etc.


Thrash the dark
The festival of light is one of our most grand events. To celebrate and mark the victory of good over evil. Our students are asked to disguise themselves as a cracker that represents them their character the best. They are asked to identify one evil or bad quality about themselves and make a resolution to thrash it. This helps them Annalise and evaluate themselves.

Management Golu 
Golu is a ritual followed during the Navratri festival. The dolls are placed on odd numbered of steps which are made out of wood or metal. Keeping the tradition in mind, students of AAM in terms are asked to arrange the various products available in market from basic agricultural goods to consumer goods.


Ethnic day 
The ethnic day is held to make our young students aware of the culture they come from. It is  celebrated on the day of Pongal and all the arrangements from planning to execution is carried out by the students.


Our inter collage events

AVIDJWALA:- National level symposium 
Every year the national level symposium is held to give a broads view on the importance of management education


It is a management fest organized to provide people of great minds, a platform to discuss and share their ideas and talent


WOW- Workshop on women empowerment. 
On women’s day 8th of March Every year, AAM conducts a one day workshop for women, where they take part in various events in and around Chennai. This is done to celebrate and honor the strength of womanhood.