National Exposure Opportunity

Travel is not only exploring new places but a new way of experiencing life

AAM B School firmly believes that it is our enduring duty to make our students learn not only the corporate management but also managing their life, wherein we give them opportunity to explore cross cultural Management across the Incredible India through the unique Program NEO . Under this program our students are given an opportunity to visit places across India. In the NEO trip students are taken to the Industrial visits as well the tourist attractions of the respective Places wherein they can learn not only the cultural difference but also varying working style of people in different types of Industries.


In the year 2013, our students visited Mysore and Goa. In Mysore students were taken to Falcon Tyres, where in Students get to know about the TQM production practices adopted there. The Students have wonderful time at Mysore Palace the architectural attraction in Mysore , KRS Dam, enjoyed the musical fountain show at Brindhavan garden and on the way there were taken to the Sandal Factory also. On the way from Mysore to Bangalore the students Visit St. Phelominal Church having history of more than 1000 years, Srirangapatnam a historical important place where Sriranganathar temple and TipuSultan’s tomb is situated. In Goa the students have the opportunity to visit Chowgule Shipping Yard, wherein they learnt lively about the production process in a Fixed Layout and about the application of scheduling technique. They were also taken to the United Breweries wherein the students get to know about automated production process. There in Goa the students had fun filling time visiting Vadora and Calangute scenic Beaches of Goa, St Xavier’s Church and the Fort Aguada and wonderful shopping and tattooing time.

The Fees Structure at AAM B School for MBA+PGPM+ Laptop+ Value added Programs+ NEO is 2.95 lakhs INR payable in four instalments.