AAM Advantages

Why Pursue MBA ?

Learn to be a Leader
Today we live in the era of globalization where the changes are the only constant in any environment. Business, Management, and Leadership skills are required not to just adapt to this environment, but to use these same environmental factors and be a successful. Leadership qualities are important and useful what ever endeavor you undertake.

Reality Vs Theory
There are courses and programs other than MBA where one gets to learn about Business, Management and Leadership. The only issue is that these programs are more theoretical and less practical. There is always a gap between what is taught in the school versus what is expected out there in the open. A well designed MBA program will act as bridge between the theory and the reality.

New Career and Career Advancement
Whether you are just getting started in a new career or are seeking to advance up the corporate ladder, an all-rounded education is vital to your success in all types of business. At AVIDUS ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT, our career-focused degree programs and the value added certification programs are designed to help you acquire knowledge and skills that will stand out to employers, giving you an edge in today's competitive job marketplace. We strive to mould management graduates in to competent professional managers who are capable of working in any sector of organized activity, while contributing to the development of the economy and the society.

Business Connections and Social Networking
When doing your MBA in a reputed organization you get to meet aspiring Managers and Entrepreneurs and Leaders as peers. This will help in long term to build your Business Connections and Networking. Business Connections is the crux of success in any Business. These Business Connections and Social Networking will not only help you in both entrepreneurial and managerial endeavors.

Soft Skills
The following soft skills are required for any person to be successful. A well equipped MBA program should have the tools and techniques to build and develop the Soft Skills of the students.

Social and People Skills
Succeeding in business is all about building relationships. A good leader or an Entrepreneur or a Manager should have the knack to build social relationships and navigate smoothly through politically charged environments.

Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal skills are the One-on-One skills with more emphasis on empathy. It is the ability to trust other person and the ability make other reciprocate the same.

Communication – Verbal Language and Body Language
The act of communicating involves Verbal, Nonverbal, and Para-Verbal components. The verbal component refers to the content of our message‚ the choice and arrangement of our words. The nonverbal component refers to the message we send through our body language. The Para-Verbal component refers to how we say what we say; the tone, pacing and volume of our voices. Communication is not just to send messages to others but to receive as well. Listening is an art and is a required quality for everyone who determines to be successful. A good listener will be able to interpret the Verbal, Nonverbal and Para-Verbal messages of the communicator successfully.

Build the Right Attitude
Attitude of a person is the judgment of an entity by the person. Attitudes are the beliefs of a person and is the result of just perception of the entity, observational learning on the entity or direct experience from the entity. This attitude should be developed or modified to the advantage of making a good leader. A well designed MBA program will concentrate on building the following attitudes and moral values.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. People with high Emotional Intelligence are masters at managing their emotions. They don't get angry in stressful situations. Instead, they have the ability to look at a problem and calmly find a solution. They're excellent decision makers, and they know when to trust their intuition. Regardless of their strengths, however, they're usually willing to look at themselves honestly. They take criticism well, and they know when to use it to improve their performance. With the right approach Emotional Intelligence can be learned and strengthened.

Realistic Optimist
Optimism and Pessimism are not mutually exclusive always. They instead can be compatible and work in synergy. As quoted by Gil Stern, "Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute". Inline with the quote, optimistic approach is to take a calculated risk while an associated pessimistic approach is to have a plan to mitigate the risk.

Integrity and Ethics
Moral Integrity and Ethics are required for any person to be successful. A success devoid of integrity and Ethics will not sustain for long. A fall from Success with Integrity and Ethics is manageable and can be overcome; where as a fall from Success devoid of these qualities will be a disaster and probably be the end of all.

Self Confidence Vs Arrogance
Confidence and Arrogance, both involve believing in one's abilities. However Arrogance is often underplayed by insecurity while Self Confidence is underplayed by Self Awareness. A person who wants to be successful should know what he is genuinely capable of and where he needs to improve. Self Analysis and Self Awareness is a critical trait for a successful person both in personal and professional life. A person with confidence will also understand others maybe stronger, and that each person is a complete package of strengths and weaknesses so will remain humble in both. An arrogant person will often neglect to acknowledge weakness in light of playing up the strengths and underestimate others and this will not lead to success.

Self Disciplined
You really are what you are when no one is around you. If your mind does not obey and follow you, why will others? If you are the boss of your mind, you will naturally become the boss of your body and other people as well.

Respecting Time
No one is the history who has not respected time has proven to be successful. As quoted by Wayne Dyer, "Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy". A well designed MBA program will help in changing your attitude towards time and start looking at time with respect and complete the tasks on time.

Social Responsibility
Any program that strives to develop successful Leaders and Managers will also strive to develop the Social Responsibility in the person. "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". A successful leader will have to be socially responsible so as to earn the respect from the Society. A socially responsible person should contribute to the welfare of the society and not just think about maximizing personal or associated benefits.